Friday, March 4, 2011

Oed to the ego persona!

You've plunged me into the depths of hell
It was almost a curse, a Dividing spell
screaming, shouting, wretched in pain
feeling doubtful, discouraged, full of shame
alone to suffer within this hostile game

You've shown me what it feels like to be in the dark
seems you'd taken me far away from that inner spark
you've shown me over and over again
how I'm a horrible sinner and killer of men

You've kicked me hard when I was down
even though I knew, you were only a clown
the games that you played were hardly fair
closed down towards my brothers, no care

The road you've led me on was miserable at best
rarely granting me a moment of peace or rest
But its time I learned my lessons and passed this test
I don't want to listen to you anymore, you're only a pest

I hear, when I know better I can do better, I know
I've needed to go through all of this to grow
I'm having to completely love you, and set you free
and Only then can I finally be free to BE

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