Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas blessings and rebirth of the Christ within!

Many feel Christmas is a magical time, with folks everywhere opening their hearts and sharing the joys and leisure of the holidays. I feel that the true meaning is about celebrating and accepting the birth of the Christ child inside each of us yearning for our acceptance and embrace.

Humans hand their powers away to outer entities such as governments, deities, health care establishments, corporations, etc, because its been done forever. We've been conditioned by all these institutions and unless we stop shirking responsibility for our own salvation we will continue to look outwards for someone to save us. The only ones who benefit of course, are the power structures in place, which we sustain through our victim stance as sinners or moral degenerates.

I only began seeing through Christianity to the deeper truths, once I was ready to move past my mental box, and its many ridiculously fear- based doctrines. Investigating the questions and looking for some real answers lead me to see how we've been lead astray. I suppose when one strips away many of the distortions that cloud the truth they can see through the manipulations of fear mongering.

Maybe we are gifted these opportunities to learn and grow beyond what was taught in Sunday school and from many well meaning people throughout our lives. I've wondered, "What if many of us came here to transcend some kind of programming, and found a way to see through it, take back our power and remember that we can use our free will to choose love in every situation"? From this higher perspective we might see how perfect the plan had been set up to be born in a particular family and have certain experiences presented for our learning. That is crucial to transcend the ways that no longer work. When one works to over-ride their fear based programming they are finally set free to see the light of truth.

Jesus said, "I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly". Jesus came to show us the way to a more abundant and happy life, in every aspect. So enough idolizing Jesus, and pretending we are only miserable sinners. If we hope to reach our full divine potential and inspire others who still need to be awakened out of fear mode.

How can we continue pretending we are powerless when we have been shown such a great example through Jesus? This Christmas and every Christmas let us remember to rekindle the spark of Christ light within, and be driven by love and let it dissolve away all fears for good!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Peaceful New Years to all!

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